Wellness Summit 15 in Melbourne


I went for the second time to this 2 day powerhouse wellness with some of Australia’s elite health and wellness professionals.

With almost 700 like-minded wellness enthusiasts I soaked up the latest cutting-edge wellness and self-empowerment information and it was very interesting to see Australia’s wellness movement.

So if you haven’t had the chance to participate in this great event get some tips from the speakers below.

And click here to watch the exclusive interview from the summit with Dr. Damian Kristof.

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“Change one step at a time to get a ripple effect for generations to come”, – Kim Morrison


Here are my 10 biggest “Takeaways” for you:

  1. We need to realise prevention is the key. – Listen to the smallest sings your body tells you and ask why. Most people start doing something for their health when they already developed an illness.
  2. First step to feel better and more energised. Heal your gut! Take care of your microbiome (Kale Brock, Cyndi O’Meara)
  3. Cycle through different probiotics (15-20) so the gastro system gets all (tip from Dr. Damian Kristof)
  4. Find a holistic GP who loves to guide you to your optimal well-being.
  5. Carbs should be the last thing to eat with a meal – not the first. (Steph Lowe)
  6. Try new things – take a new street on the way to work, try new food, other exercise (Dr. Brett Hill)
  7. Create your own journey – we are all different. No diet and lifestyle fits all!
  8. Food that comes out of the ground, off a tree or from an animal is always the most nutrient dense and whole food source of nutrition. (Step Lowe)
  9. Do not overheat coconut oil only to 170C (Dr. Damian Kristof).
  10. Do your own research. Do not believe everything you see, read or hear. (Kim Morrison)

IMG_4577by Steph Lowe

For more information check out the speakers websites.

Happy Thermie cooking & living

Andrea xx