Want to cook delicious meals from around the world?

Join Nico Moretti, Andrea Hannemann, Fouad Kassab, Steph Wearne and more in our July issue 2016

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Hello Thermie lovers!

Join us this month as we take a trip around the world exploring the flavors of countries far and wide as well as learn about the gut and its vital importance in maintaining a healthy brain and body. After flipping (or rather scrolling) through our pages, you’ll be inspired to pack your bags and set off into foreign lands, sample the flavors of their culture, while taking simple precautions to ensure you stay full of energy along the way.

In this issue we have a great collection of fish recipes brought to you by Steph Wearne. Whilst there are also plenty of wholefood vegetarian dishes from Daniella (Wellness on Wheels), that promote gut health and help aid digestion.

With Nico Moretti on our cover as well as in our pages, you will be transported to Vietnam as he shares flavours and snippets from his recent journey. We also welcome Fouad Kassab, as he shares his journey to health through healing the gut and finding the Paleo lifestyle.

However, the bright sunny beaches of Hawaii’s North Shore will catch your eye, as we welcome Andrea Hannemann from Earthy Andy. Andy is a Vegan Mum of two who follows a raw-till- four style diet, embracing the fresh seasonal produce Hawaii has to offer. Add a little sunshine to your life this winter, as you cook up her Turmeric Lime Coconut Curry or blend her Chunky Monkey Nicecream. All her recipes look stunning, and we are excited to say that this is the beginning of many delicious and informative contributions for Andy, as she will pop up in our future Vegan Issue and Online Vegan Summit. Daydream of warmer days reading her favourite places on the north shore, and get excited for much more ‘Earthy Andy’ goodness in future.


Here are some sneak peek pictures from our magazine PDF version:

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Happy Thermie cooking & living
Andrea xx