Top 10 Tips for a healthy and happy Christmas

by Andrea Alf

This year I’m feeling a bit sad because all the family is overseas (even my 19 year old daughter) and it’s only my hubby, my younger daughter and myself left to celebrate Christmas together.

But it is great to remember all the times when we cooked, laughed, played and sang (ok, only a little bit – we are not good singers) all together with all the grandparents and more family/friends back in Germany.

If you are lucky enough to spend time with your extended family this Christmas – make the most of it.

Enjoy this special time of the year, but also make choices which are healthy, so you don’t have to start 2017 with huge New Year resolutions 🙂 Start with more fun, relaxation and nourishing food choices NOW!


Top 10 tips to feel energised and happy during Christmas (…and beyond):

  1. Start the big celebration days with a nutrient dense breakfast. Eat plenty of fruit (maybe even banana ice-cream, a smoothie, homemade granola with berries, etc.) in the beginning of the day, so you might have less cravings for dessert later on. Also oatmeal with a berry topping or an apple cinnamon and nuts combination is very satisfying.
  2. Drink a lot of filtered water during the day (click here if you are concerned about the quality of water you drink).
  3. Drink less alcohol (and more water in between, rule 1 glass alcohol, followed by 1 glass water).
  4. Look for yummy alcohol free and fancy drinks (maybe a Christmas Kombucha in a champagne glass) so you don’t feel as if you are missing out.
  5. Go for a nice walk or play with the kids in the garden. Fresh air and some exercise will make you feel amazing and full of energy.
  6. A 5 minute meditation or a 10 minute Nanny nab (put the earphones on with nice music if you can’t find a quiet place) can help to feel refreshed.
  7. If you are hosting the Christmas/Holiday party you have the chance to make more meals which are really nourishing and not artery clogging. Make a nice plant-based lentil loaf instead of the big turkey or pork dish (see recipe in our December issue). It’s in your hands what will be served. Ask people to bring salads and fruits etc.
  8. If there is still a lot of food (especially the sweets) left on the big Christmas table/buffet it can be helpful to put it in the fridge and freezer early, so people are not going back multiple times. At these kind of events we tend to eat so much more then usual which can leave us feeling not so great. You could even pack everyone in the family a Chrissie-leftover- box.
  9. Try not to add high fat (chips, did you know have more than 30% pure fat), high sugar (lollies) or other processed foods (with preservatives, additives and most of the time even more fat and sugar) on the table after the big Christmas meal. Also later in the day we have no willpower anyway to say no.
  10. Stay busy with helping in the kitchen, chatting with uncle John, playing a board game with cousins etc. That’s what Christmas is all about, having fun with the people you love.
    Think about your goals for the next year. If losing weight or becoming a healthier version of yourself is important to you why not show yourself you are strong enough to start now (even during the “silly” season). Think about a time you said no to something tempting and how you felt after that. Aaaamaazing!!!

You can have a great Christmas time with delicious and healthy food (get plant-based whole food ideas from our latest mag issues) which will make everything much more enjoyable –  not only for this year, but also for many years to come as a healthy and happy mum/dad/grandmother/grandfather/great-grandmother/great-grandfather ….


A big Christmas Hug and much Love

Andrea & family (the small one and yes this is a glass of wine ;))



PS: 2017 will be very exciting, because there is great fun, cooking, nutrition and well-being coming your way. Please stay tuned it will already start in January.