With a heavy heart, we celebrate our last issue with you our readers. It’s a new year, and an opportunity for a fresh start.
As we wrap up what we have to offer in the Thermie Living HQ, we want to say another big thank you to all of you who have subscribed, read our pages, tried our recipes, took part in a summit or emailed in with your story.
The amazing journey we’ve had here has been all because of you so thank you for your ongoing support over these past 4 years, we wish you a bright 2018 and beyond!!

This issue we welcome back Bronwyn to our pages to talk about creating a healthy space for your pets in 2018 as well as Dr. Shannon, to talk about the fear of the unknown and starting new things.
Furthermore, we welcome Benita Cantieni to our pages with her ‘Cantienica’ Method, which helps to maintain and restore optimal posture and core strength, ensuring no matter what age you are you are able to live life to the fullest. We know you’ll find this article incredibly helpful, as it’s something we hear plagues a lot of people.

Along with dog recipes (yummy plant-based treats for our four legged friends), we have plenty for us humans as well, with a selection from Phoebe (our editor’s) new cookbook, which is filled with easy, quick & mostly whole-food recipes that are guaranteed to be enjoyed by all.

We’ve also collated 20+ of the best recipes from four years of Thermie Living Magazine for you all to have going forward in your next chapter.

We hope they set you up for a wholesome and vibrant 2018!

Enjoy the mag!

Happy Thermie Cooking & Living

Andrea & Phoebe

PS: Please note: If you are still on a subscription to the magazine please cancel now. For any questions press “Settings” in the TL app, press “Contact us Here”, send me a message and I am happy to help.