Thermie Living’s Lifestyle Summit is live

since the 17th of March

and will be aired

until the 31st of March


Join this very special event with some of the best speakers in the Thermomix and well-being industry

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You will learn from every session something new and it is worth joining every day!

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No worries, if you missed the fist sessions, you can purchase the recordings and an exclusive summit bundle

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Here are some testimonials from the sessions so far:


Thank you so much for being so proactive and providing us with the Thermie Living Magazine (such a gift for us all) and then going further and holding this wonderfully valuable summit. – Joyce

I am loving this summit! Hmmm, now will have to add a few more cookbooks to my collection! Loving the books too! -Jill 
Enjoying all the lovely interviews in the summit.  Great work.  All very different and interesting in their own rights. -Vanita
I learnt a few great things from this session. Freeze your ginger and tumeric. I LOVE ginger and it is not exactly cheap but sadly I’ve had to throw some away as it got too old . Now I will definitely put mine in the freezer. I liked the way fennel was used in the soup. Again I didn’t know much about fennel but wanted to use it for its anti-inflamatory benefits. And lastly putting a good oil in your soup or vegetables to better utelise the healthy benefits of fat soluble vitamins. Than you for another awsome interview. -Judy 

What is in the Summit Bundle?

  •  all recordings from all the interview sessions, including all bonus sessions. Available in your special membership area for a lifetime
  • special cooking videos –  (French Pastry, fresh produce class in the train, kids healthy snacks, quick and easy, etc.)
  • e-cookbooks from some of our contributors – hundreds of recipes (also includes 4 e-books from Cooking with Tenina worth alone $50)
  • special summit e-cookbook with recipes from our speakers (another about 30 recipes) – available after the summit
  • Andrea’s “conversion secrets program” 4 weeks online program starts after the summit learn more about Thermomix cooking and get your questions answered.
  • and during the summit we also have a raffle with hardcover books from Nico Moretti, easy slide,


Who are the speakers?

Please click here to hop on the summit page for more info.

We have some of the best speakers in their field and they share their stories and many tips for healthy living and Thermie cooking.


Summit Schedule:

17th March – Lee Holmes “Supercharged Food”

18th March – Nico Moretti “Cooking Passions Cooking School”

19th March – Sarah Groom “Homemade Healthy Happy”

20th March – Martyna Angell “Wholesome Cook”

21st March – Sarah & Steve “That Paleo Show”

22nd March – Deb Sharpley “Benton Rise Farm” + Bonus Speaker Joanne “Sistermixin”

23 March – Alice Nicholls “The Whole Daily”

24th March – Tenina “Cooking with Tenina”

25th March – Dr. Damian Kristof “Wellness Couch”

26th March – Jo Whitton “Quirky Cooking”

27th March – Rachael Campbell

28th March – Melissa Ambrosini

29th March – Dani Venn “The Wholehearted Cook” + Aileen “Rainbow Recipes”

30th March – Daniella “Wellness on Wheels”

31st March – Andrea “Thermie Living” + Bonus Speaker