I still can’t believe it – we put together a Thermie & healthy living dream event for you!


May I present you:


The Thermie Living Lifestyle Summit

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Sign in for this Free event here to make sure you secure your spot.

Now you are probably asking yourself…

What exactly will I experience?

15 world class experts, share their stories, knowledge and tips about:

  • Thermomix cooking (converting, using the Thermie to its full potential, healthy TM cooking)
  • Health challenges and recoveries
  • Mindset-shifting
  • “Sea-change”
  • Nourishing Food
  • How to feed the kids healthy food
  • and much more

When does it start and end?

We will publish the first interview of the 14 day series on the

17th of March

and continue show-casting at least one interview every day until

31st of March


How can I access these inspirational interviews and tips?

By signing into the event here you will get access to a membership area. In this place you will see the daily interviews, cooking classes, Google hangout interviews, or whatever cool event is on at this day.

The daily sessions are about 20-45 minutes long.

You will also receive a reminder e-mail for every session.

Each part is available to watch for free from noon – 11.30 pm.


What if I don’t have the time to watch all of them or I miss something?

Because we know the interviews and cooking segments are of so much value for you and you might like to revisit and listen to them again, we decided to make the recordings available for purchase.

And we have so much more to share with you and really want to help you to become a confident and healthy Thermie cook.

We created an unbelievable Pre-Summit Bundle Offer that you can purchase after you sign into the summit for free  here

Before the start of the summit you can save 50% off the regular bundle price.

We combined various helpful and valuable bonuses and also some extra surprises and specials. So check it out here after joining the summit.

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… these are only 3 of the cool bonuses…(Tenina also donated her incredible e-book bundle worth $50)


Both the 15 speakers and I look forward to welcoming you to the summit and spending some great time with us!



See all experts here


Happy Thermie cooking & living


Andrea xx