This issue we have oodles of wide-ranging and informative, fabulous content installed for you all – with Spud Fit’s Andrew Taylor on the cover of our fitness issue (the Aussie guy who ate only potatoes for a year – ring any bells?) and updating you all on his story in our pages. Enjoy reading all about his story one year on, and how his life has completely turned on its head, since changing his lifestyle for the good.

There are so many one liners floating around the place as to why plant-based eating is more difficult than the norm, and whether the issue of meals taking too long to prepare is something you resonate with or not, you’ll enjoy Katy Beskow’s recipes from her cookbook ’15 minute Vegan’. Other fabulous recipe contributors include Matt Frazier & Stepfanie Romine from the ‘No Meat Athlete’ which continues with our fitness theme of the month. We have also included some tips for building muscle as a plant-powered athlete, which will point you in the direction of dietary choices and fitness techniques that will assist you in becoming stronger, leaner and fitter.

Savory Oatmeal

In our monthly Dr.Greger’s Daily Dozen article, we turn to starches and other vegetables, which you will find plenty of complimentary recipes for in this issue, to help you include adequate amounts of them into your diet. Bronwyn Bennet addresses the ‘not-so-fantastic’ side of plastic in this issue, with an insightful and eye opening discussion around how every day use of plastic can come to haunt us ultimately in the future.

…. and Phoebe traveled to England and put together her London Vegan Restaurant Tips for you. So it will be easy for you to enjoy whole food plant based culinary feasts.

We hope you enjoy all this issue has to offer!

Happy Thermie Living & Cooking,

Andrea & Phoebe


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