Gaining The Edge whether you’re headed for the next Olympics as an athlete or merely a weekend warrior


Article by Jane Zeehner from Conscious Whole Health, Holistic Kinesiologist, Food Coach and Reiki practitioner


Recently Huffington Post, the respected online newspaper, published a blog post

Five Emerging Technologies in Science That Will Shape our Lives in the Coming Years.”

Nutrigenomics was number 2 on that list, which you may be familiar with, however, I’ll bet you haven’t heard of the number 4 item, “Redox Signalling Technology”

Redox Signalling Molecules (RSM) play a centrally important role in our health at a cellular level and when your 75-100 trillion cells are those of a highly trained athlete looking for a competitive edge, what impacts performance at a cellular level becomes vitally important.

When you are training or competing, the vast majority of your cells are engaged….blood cells, muscle cells, heart cells, brain cells, all are working flat out to help your whole body operate at peak performance. When you think about it, if we are not functioning optimally at a cellular level we cannot possibly function optimally at the organism level.

RSM’s are so critical to cell function that your cells make their own supply of these amazing little molecules whose job it is to communicate within & between cells sending messages to protect, repair and replace cells where necessary.

So, cells manufacture them & then use them themselves to do their assigned job efficiently. That job may be to power muscles, pump more blood, facilitate the oxygen-exchange process or rid tissues of muscle stiffening lactic acid.

For an athlete, recovery is crucial. For endurance sports – cycling, triathalons, long distance swimming or running – the ability to recover while competing can mean the difference between first place & fiftieth. For explosive sports, like sprinting or power lifting, the ability to recover quickly after a workout means the opportunity to build strength through more frequent workouts and little to no downtime with injuries.

While the technology may be new, the field has gained the attention of scientific researchers and over 12,000 peer-reviewed studies have been published which involve hundreds of hours of research.

The process of ageing is actually a function of the decline in cellular efficiency and the associated reduction in the production and balance of the RSMs.

The body makes and uses redox signalling molecules in millionths of a second and stores none. As we age, or in times of high demand such as competing at elite levels, our use exceeds our production capacity leading to breakdowns in communication and cellular damage. Thanks to the breakthrough technology it is now possible to top up our body’s supply of RSMs and you don’t necessarily need to be an Olympian to take advantage of the technology.

While great as a general health & anti-ageing strategy, RSM supplementation can make significant differences for athletes. Studies in exercise physiology laboratories have shown that after only two weeks of supplementing athletes increased their power output and endurance by 12% with some over 30%.

The best news is that not only is the supplement clinically proven it is 100% safe AND completely free of banned substances because it is identical to the RSMs made in the body by the mitochondria.

Congratulations to all Rio athletes and thanks for inspiring us to be more active and to achieve our fitness goals.

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Having a magazine about health and wellbeing people approach me all the time with different new products. But as I did more research about RSM I was very impressed. Especially because of it’s uniqueness and the many studies they did about the molecules and benefits.  We are using RSM’s now in our family and have great results in energy levels and also skin improvements.

In the near future we plan to bring you a webinar to find out more about this emerging technology & the health advantages it confers, however in the meanwhile click here to find out more.

Andrea xx