Plant-Strong Men issue with Rip Esselstyn


In the month of March, we are turning towards Men’s Health with the wonderful Rip Esselstyn on our cover. Rip is the son of the inspiring Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn who is famous for proving that heart disease can be prevented and even reversed through a whole food plant based diet. Rip followed in his father’s footsteps and is a former firefighter and triathlete,  and now an American health activist and food writer, author of The Engine 2 Diet, My Beef With Meat, and now, The Seven day Rescue Diet. We have an exclusive snippet from Rip’s new book as well as an interview for you to show your husbands, sons and brothers that one can build muscle and “be a man” while choosing plant over animal protein. Rip has some great arguments that we think your loved ones will find it difficult not to ponder over, and an infectious personality and attitude towards life that we certainly love.

In addition to this fabulous feature, we are celebrating some local plant-based deliciousness, with an interview with the incredible ‘Matcha Mylkbar’ based in St.Kilda Melbourne. While they infuse each recipe with a touch of this green superfood, they are also famous for their vegan “eggs”, “chicken” burgers and even vegan “salmon” – crazy right?! Things are changing in the veggie scene, and this restaurant is leading the way. Learn about this revolutionary eatery, and get inspired to try it, and other plant-based restaurants on the scene.

This month we also turn to the wonderful yet often tricky to incorporate ”world of greens”, in our monthly Dr. Gregor’s Daily Dozen article. Seamlessly eat as many as you should with the help of our Glorious Greens Recipe bundle, and you’ll be forming new habits in no time.

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Andrea & Phoebe

PS: Here is the first feedback we got about this issue:

“Reading my Thermie Living at the moment great mag and even hubby is interested in the mens health special thanks Andrea” – Daizy March 9th 2017

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