Plant-Powered July with Julie Piatt and Rich Roll

We’re particularly proud and excited to share with you this issue that we’ve spent a fair chunk of time planning to ensure it has more content that you’ll love and plenty of informative and delicious content to keep you satisfied.

On the cover, we have the inspiring Julie Piatt and her husband Rich Roll, who are a couple that are doing incredible work to help push the needle further towards a more plant-filled, compassionate and sustainable world. Julie’s new book, ‘This Cheese is Nuts’ is a fantastic resource for new & old vegans who find it hard to give up this incredibly tasty food, with oodles of recipes that open up a world of healthy and definitely tasty plant-based cheese recipes.

We are thoroughly excited to have a sample of these recipes in our July issue, and can’t wait for you all to try them and have your eyes opened to this incredible nut-based cheese phenomenon.

Other new segments in this issue include a ‘Vegan News: People, Places and Products’ page, which will keep you informed about the amazing new developments in the ever-growing community, that really is taking off with more momentum every day. We also share some of our favourite ingredients, items and creations we have found throughout the month in a ‘Products We’re Loving’ page, which will hopefully clue you into a few businesses and online stores that can provide you with all the plant-based & healthy lifestyle goodies, at attractive prices.

Winter is on our mind again in this issue, with Kathy Ashton’s article addressing the dietary changes that you can make to ensure that by summer you are feeling fresh and rejuvenated, as well as nourished and happy. Bronwyn Bennett looks at changes you can make in your home to ensure your winter space is assisting your efforts made daily to live a healthy life.

We look forward to hearing your feedback regarding the small changes we have made, and the delectable collection of recipes we have in our pages.

Happy Thermie Living & Cooking,

Andrea & Phoebe

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