When we reflected on 2014 as a family we realised many of our new year’s resolutions didn’t work out. So I became curious.

Did you know? Only 12% of all resolution makers are successful.

And why? There are plenty of reasons like not planning right, not writing down goals, not being really clear about the goals, not being aware of the power of right goal setting, limiting beliefs, no smart goals, not sharing goals with an accountability partner, not reviewing regularly and more. I guess you get the idea.


Because my family and I want to have an awesome, healthy and successful 2015 we decided to plan this time the right way. We used the time between Christmas and New Year, invested in a program, did more research about goal setting and planned “The Best Year Ever”.


How about you? How was your year? Have you achieved your goals?

What would it be like to experience your best year ever?

What about we start planning it together now?

Take a work book and a pen and I show you the first 3 steps to reach your goals in 2015.


Let’s get started!


  1. STEP: 

Think about these 12 areas in your life and get more clarity what you really want or need in 2015. Clarity is often missing when it comes to goal setting.

Take your work-book, write the areas down and scale them.

1-10 (1 = dissatisfied / 10 = very satisfied)

  1. Health
  2. Education
  3. Career
  4. Finances
  5. Creativity
  6. Spirituality
  7. Joy
  8. Social Life
  9. Relationships
  10. Home Environment
  11. Home Cooking (Thermie cooking)
  12. Physical Activity

Now you have more clarity about the areas in your life, which need more balance.

  • Mark the 3 most important areas for you.


  1. STEP:

The question is: Why are some of these areas out of balance?

Our next exercise will help you to find out what kind of limiting believes are holding you back to be stronger in this area of your life.

  • Write down the top five limiting beliefs (beliefs conditioned from culture or family, fear, thought patterns, past failures, worries, negative thoughts, excuses etc.).

Be as specific as possible!


  1. STEP:

I know that you have more power than you think!

Be grateful for the resources you have.

  • List 10 things you are grateful for right now and consider the various areas in your life – be specific again.


Continue here the process with the next steps so you can create smart goals together and start taking action towards those goals!

I also had a chat today with one of my best friends and we talked about goals and how we can achieve them. She said”

“Only if I am on a mission, I keep on going and get results.”

Let’s find out what our mission is and create a healthy, happy and awesome 2015!


Happy Thermie cooking & living

Andrea xx


PS: Please comment below and let me know about your main challenges to achieve your goals.