March Issue with Lee Holmes from Supercharged Food is live.

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Welcome to our Easter Issue of Thermie Living magazine!

We are so excited to have Lee Holmes on our cover this month-we hope you enjoy her delicious recipes from her new book Supercharged Food: How to eat right for your shape.

Here at Thermie Living, easter is less about consuming copious amounts of chocolate… and more about healthy eating and lifestyle choices. Despite what the media is constantly telling us, it’s not an event just about chocolate and easter egg hunts, but enjoying time with our families, relaxing and eating delicious, healthy food! Bianca from Wholefood Simply has shared some healthy sweet treats, and Martyna- the Wholesome Cook has also shared some recipes from her book. Looking for some child friendly recipes? Onehanded Cooks have shared with us some recipes that will be a hit with adults and children alike.

Thank you to the team from Food Matters- Andrea and I were lucky enough to attend their melbourne tour! I learnt so much from the day… you can read more about what we learnt in the article within.

Here is a little sneak peek for you:

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Enjoy this beautiful magazine and a relaxed Easter time with your family & friends.

Happy Thermie Cooking and Living!

Georgie and Andrea xx