Welcome Thermie Community,

Last Thermie Living Magazine?
Well, we are excited to tell you that starting next month, we will be shifting the magazines addressing the issues, needs and concerns but also hopes aspirations and dreams of women over 43. 

The magazine will be called ‘Women 43+ Unleashed’, and will still contain content that you’ve loved from Thermie Living over four fabulous years, yet with an angle of helping women of this age group. 

Whole-food plant-based recipes, meal plans, mindset, health tips, beauty, self-care, organisational and mindfulness related content will fill our pages, with a focus of hearing from experts who are as passionate as we are to help this demographic who thanklessly do so much for others. 

…so no more Thermie Living?

This is the last ‘Thermie Living’ issue, yet there will be a seamless transition to the new magazine, on the same app, coming to the existing and new subscribers. 

While the Thermomix has played a huge part in this fabulous journey Andrea has been on since 1999, this new calling feels incredibly right for Andrea and the team, plus (we think) for our audience as well. 
Get a video message with details by Andrea shortly!

We hope to create a positive interactive community of empowered women 43+ sharing their stories and cultivating fulfilled, healthy and sustainable lifestyles for themselves and one another. 

So join us, and keep an eye on this space (+Facebook) and your inbox (sign in here if you don’t get our newsletter) for more information. 

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But for now, let’s jump right into all that’s in this fabulous last issue of 
Thermie Living!!

We are ever so excited to welcome Taline Gabrielian from ‘Hippie Lane’, to our cover and pages, as we help celebrate her new cookbook which is full of plant-packed, drool-worthy recipes that all ages will enjoy!!

Hippie Lane Cookbook

We also have plenty of spring entertaining recipes from Amanda Ducks, Ellen Babauskis, Toni Okamoto & more, who will have you inviting friends over for warm evenings of laughter and fun in no time!

This issue we are lucky enough to welcome Kip Anderson (joint creator of the acclaimed documentary Cowspiracy and What the Health available on Netflix) and Melanie Joy (founder of Carnism.org) for two fascinating interviews that will open your mind and heart. These individuals are pioneers in the vegan and health movement and we are privileged and thrilled that they answered some of our burning questions, that we know you’ll enjoy hearing the answers to!

This issue has been a joy to put together, as it’s a celebration of all that Thermie Living is about! 

Celebrating food that not only tastes delicious but loves us back completely, as well as hearing from experts in their field that help every one of us live healthier and fuller lives. 

Happy Thermie Living & Cooking,

Much love and thank you so much for being part of our magazine journey! 

Andrea & Phoebe