June Issue with Luke Hines – The Paleo Way

Brain Health Issue with great tips to keep this important organ fit & healthy.

Luke Hines, Paleo Way

Welcome to our June issue!

This month’s issue brings to you many new exciting contributors that we are excited to share, as we turn to the brain – discussing what makes a healthy foundation for this most vital organ. And it’s not all about Paleo.

With Luke Hines from ‘The Paleo Way’ on our cover as well as bloggers Jemma, Gina & Phoebe in our pages, we know you will have the most fun cooking from the contents of our Brain issue. While waiting for your Thermomix to steam the vegetables in Phoebe’s ‘Veg & Tofu Bowl’, or simmer Jemma’s ‘Moroccan Pumpkin Soup’, enjoying reading Andrea’s 8 tips for maintaining a healthy brain.

Jemma from ‘The Healthy Way’ also shares her story to a healthy lifestyle from being a confessed sugar addict and Luke offers advice for living a healthy lifestyle in his ‘Strong Mind & Body’ article.

This month we are joined by our new editor Phoebe, who replaces Georgie, our long-term Thermie Living team member. While we will miss her as she takes this off her plate to prioritise her busy family, she is still very much a part of our Thermie community. Phoebe is a passionate young foodie who loves to whip up delicious, whole food vegan recipes.

We welcome Phoebe to the team and are excited for the future of Thermie Living with this new addition to the team.

Happy Thermie Cooking & Living,

Andrea xx

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Here are some sneak peek pages for you


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