June Issue with cosy vibes

Hi and welcome to our “winter” issue – yes we have winter in Australia 😉

It’s June already and the weather has suddenly shown signs of the windy, cold and overcast Melbourne winter that it’s known to specialise in. But do not fear, because this issue we have you prepared. We’ve got oodles of comforting delicious and wholesome mid-week meals to keep the gloomy evenings interesting and nourish you through the trickier months.

Are you looking for typical vegan pantry staples? Here are some for you which we love to have on hand for our cooking:

Or do you want to enjoy a yummy spread which tastes like German “Teewurst” – great for getting meat lovers to eat vegan food 🙂

….. and you will find the easiest sourdough recipe ever!

With the added cold blast, healthy habits can begin to slip sometimes and this might cause you to reach for the soy-based, yet vegan treats when you’re at the supermarket. Soy-based sausages to cream cheese – there really are endless options, however, there is a bit of confusion surrounding the world of soy, and it’s a big cause for concern when newly turned plant-based individuals look for new protein options. So to address this big question, we’ve got nutritional medicine practitioner Kathy Ashton on our cover and in our pages, to dispel concerns and put the record straight. It’s a fantastic and thorough article that you will no doubt enjoy reading!

In addition to foodie-related delights in this issue, we have Nicky Gordon’s Happy Hand Cream that will nourish your skin as it no doubt asks for a little extra TLC now that the weather had turned cold and dry. We have some warming winter essential oil suggestions to add some cosy vibes in the upcoming months, which will hopefully help create a lovely Hygge inspired space that you’ll love spending time in.

Plus, Bronwyn Bennett from Creating Healthy Spaces delivers a thoroughly detailed insight into the many ways Breast Cancer can be prevented through a number of minor lifestyle changes that can be easily implemented in the home. Grab a warm mug of peppermint tea and take a read!

Happy Thermie Living & Cooking,

Andrea & Phoebe


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