Welcome to our November and December magazine,

As you might have seen through reading the ‘Big Announcement’ in our October issue, the Thermie Living HQ have decided it’s time to start wrapping up the magazine. I initially thought I wanted to change direction entirely straight away, by starting a magazine focusing on helping women 43+ who what to put themselves in the driver’s seat again. However, I don’t want to rush into this new direction, so as a result you will still get two goodbye editions to the mag, including this joint November/December issue. 

I am excited to pursue this passion with a “Momentum Club” (start January 2018), that will help my clients uncover their needs and true potential in becoming happier and healthier. This is a mix of one on one coaching and group coaching with women 43+. If this sounds like something you are interested in (I am looking for a small group of 15 women for a trial with a super special price),  click here and e-mail me your challenge and why you need to be in this special trial group.

In other news, our household has welcomed the arrival of our new furry family member Archie!! This has led to me realise just how bad the commercial foods on the market are for animals really, and consequently I have found a new passion for making super healthy dog treat alternatives (recipes are coming your way in January’s Issue!!).

So while we are not able to continue with the online magazine in the long-term, we want to give you a great experience for the last couple of mags. This is what you’ll get in our last 2 issues:

This November/December Issue has a focus on women over 40, like what the mag would have been like had we taken the next step in making a switch to focusing on women 43+. We talk relaxation, self-care and meal planning. We also welcome Melanie Joy, the founder of Carnism (an eye-opening invisible belief system you can read about here) to our cover, who’s work will only benefit you and your family’s world view and lifestyles.

Our last magazine issue which will be out in January will include great dog treat recipes as well as a selection of your favourite 30 recipes from the past 4 years of Thermie Living magazine. There will be more inspiration in this mag then you can count and we look forward to going out on a high!

Unfortunately we have to ask you:

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