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Who else is jumping for joy that spring has well and truly arrived? We definitely are!! Spring means you won’t get a brain-freeze when you decide to whip up a smoothie, or decide (heaven forbid) not to wear a coat when stepping out. Plus, it’s the time of year to clean out the junk both in our homes and lifestyles. There are plenty of healthy lifestyle enhancing recipes and tips in our Sleep issue, which will not only assist you in developing a solid night routine, but also ensure that you have plenty of energy throughout the day. Watch also the video with Amy Crawford and Andrea here

Amy Crawford from The Holistic Ingredient, shares with us her knowledge about all things sleep, whilst Andrew Maccora points us towards certain Essential Oils which have the power to calm our bodies and relax our minds. We have also compiled a Morning Recipe bundle, with many recipes that will help power you through the day.

Our FREE online summit is now over, but you can still enjoy 2 gut healing soup recipes by Lee in this issue.

Andrea also shares some Umbria inspired recipes from her recent travels to Italy. Furthermore, Andrea also talks about coffee culture, comparing that in Rome to what we have here in Melbourne.

Lastly, we are very excited to let you lovely readers know, that starting next issue, we are going to be sharing the Magazine’s new direction and the changes both in mission and content that will occur. We will have a new spring in our step (no pun intended) and we think you will all enjoy this ‘facelift’ that Thermie Living will get.

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