The Utopia Wellness Event was an awesome opportunity to have a quick chat with some of my favourite Wellness Experts including Dr. Libby, Holistic Nutrition Specialist.

One of them is Dr. Libby Weaver who is a Holistic Nutrition Specialist. I was fortunate to hear her speak a couple of times now and it is fantastic how she explains how the women’s body works.

Debora-Iee and Hugh Jackman wrote the following testimonial:

“She embraces a holistic approach by treating the root cause of an ailment. Her extensive knowledge of how the body works makes her a ‘one-stop shop’ in achieving and maintaining ultimate health and well being.”


I bought a couple of her cookbooks and “Rushing Woman’s Syndrome” + “The Calorie Fallacy – Stop Dieting Start Nourishing”.

Great books, highly recommended!

Holistic Nutrition Specialist Dr. Libby

Find out about Dr. Libby and her way to maximise her impact as a holistic nutrition specialist here.