Welcome to the first TL Magazine in 2017

Happy New Year Thermie Community!!

We hope you all had the best signing off of the year that was, doing what makes you happy and being with those you love. It wasn’t too eventful in the Thermie Living HQ, but it was the end to the year that felt right.  

So whether we like it or not, 2017 has rolled around and predictably, the talk of resolutions and diet/fitness challenges is buzzing. While we are fully aware that anyone has the power to change their habits, routines and rituals any time of year (and we encourage that you don’t wait for any special kind of date to roll around to do this), at the present we are currently in the middle of a date change, and so, if you desire, why not take this opportunity to set yourself a few small goals to better yourself, that are most definitely achievable. Read Kathy Ashton’s article, to help you make sensible goals for the coming year. In our New Year, New You edition, we help you to add more plants into your everyday routine and consequently love yourself from the inside out. You’ll notice there are many sweet treats (yet healthy ones) in our pages this issue, and this is to show you that even though a detox or diet overhaul may be on your agenda, you can still enjoy whole food plant-based treats, made from nourishing ingredients.

TL-Detox 😉

How to make this delicious recipe in your Thermie, please watch out for Andrea’s Facebook live session in the week 9-13th of January.

As Emily Von Ewe from our cover will show you (This Rawsome Vegan Life Blog), adding more whole plant foods into your diet can reap unbelievable rewards for your skin and therefore confidence. In addition to this fantastic article, Emily and Bianca from Wholefood Simply shares delectable plant food sweets and treats that will make your body and conscience feel fantastic. 

You’ll also find practical and informative nutritional information in our pages, with a Vegan Pantry List to help you get started, and the first of many informative articles to come inspired by Dr Michael Gregor M.D’s daily dozen. This month we hone in on the power of berries.

Lastly, if your festive summer entertaining isn’t done for the season then enjoy our summer meals plans as well as Essential Oil suggestions to carry you smoothly into the new year.

…. and is it possible to make meat? Yes it is. Watch the cooking class in this special January Issue.

Enjoy being inspired by this month’s impeccable recipes and practical tips, we know you’ll love it. 

Happy Thermie Living & Cooking,

Andrea & Phoebe