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On the cover and in our pages we have the incredible Ella Mills from the UK, who is responsible for one of the fastest growing health orientated companies in the world. If you don’t know anything about the ‘Deliciously Ella’ empire as some call it :), then start off by reading our interview with Ella herself, where you’ll learn about her journey to health and plant-based eating, the rise of her humble blog, the plethora of delicious cookbooks she has written, and how her company is expanding every day. To celebrate the release of her new cookbook, ‘Deliciously Ella with Friends’ (which we can attest is jam-packed with scrumptious healthy food) we are thrilled to be able to feature some of her latest and exclusive recipes. We are already obsessed with the Miso and Sesame Glazed Aubergines.

DELICIOUSLY ELLA WITH FRIENDS by Ella Mills (Woodward). Hodder & Stoughton 2017.

This month we also focus our attention to beans in the regular Dr. Gregor’s Daily Dozen article, and coupled with that is a juicy amount of bean-focused recipes to get you started. Kathy Ashton’s blog debunks the myths about beans and their undesired side-effects – ensuring you’re set for a smooth and successful Valentines day.

We’ve ensured you are prepared with a flexible Valentines day meal plan guide, that you can mix up to suit your preferences. Whilst as always, we have included our essential oil recommendations for the holiday coming up.

We love including whole-food plant based contributors from all around the world in our pages and this month is no different. We welcome Plant-based Pixie, a UK-based food blogger, Biochemist (BSc), Nutritionist (MSc), Writer, and Speaker to this (and the March) issue. As she shares some of her simple yet satisfying, Summer orientated recipes.

Speaking of Summer, Mangoes are in season and at a wonderful price. Jump over to our Mango Mania recipe bundle to get some inspiration as to their plethora of uses and the diverse ways you can add them to everyday dishes.

Also, we welcome back our great friend Buffy Ellen-Gill to our pages, as she shares some of her latest whole food plant-based recipes that look too good not to try.

…. and here is a delicious body butter you can easily create in your Thermie. Find the recipe, 2 more and an article about skincare from our contributor Nicky Gordon.


You can see this magazine is full of delicious inspiration for you.

We are very thankful for all our amazing contributors and for you our readers.

With your help we are able to share the love for Whole Food Plant Based Living.

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