About the Author Alyce

"Growing up in a Thermomix household, Alyce learnt to cook by the time/temperature/speed method rather than by conventional techniques, so much so that she could probably cook and serve an unbelievable homemade hollandaise sauce quicker than she could dice a clove of garlic by hand. Alyce lives for fresh, wholesome, high-quality food, and her passion for cooking inspired her to write her first cookbook Quick Fix in the Thermomix at the ripe old age of 22. While for several years she was swayed away from her first love by studying law and commerce at the University of Melbourne, once she completed her degrees the lure of the kitchen took over, and Alyce traded in her pant suit for an apron. And she hasn’t looked back. Now best-selling author of miniseries: low carb and Quick Fix: Every Occasion, Alyce has several more books in the works, as well as a cooking school, retail space and new merchandise." Website link