3 Tips to use your willpower more wisely


Before we go into the powerful topic of willpower I want to ask you:

“What is your New Year’s resolution? Is it one of these?”


Here are the most searched New Year’s resolutions on Google1 

  1. “Get Healthy” – over 62 million searches
  2. “Get Organized” – over 33 million searches
  3. “Live Life to the Fullest” – nearly 19 million searches
  4. “Learn New Hobbies” – over 17 million searches
  5. “Spend Less/Save More” – nearly 16 million searches
  6. “Travel” – nearly 6 million searches
  7. “Read More” – over 4 million searches

So now we know what we are searching for when it comes to our goals in 2017 and it is great to hear health is important for us.

But did you know only about 8% (in 2015 it was 12% – see my blog post in 2015) achieve their goals?

Because of that we might only set small, safe and easy goals (or none at all) so we are not disappointed with ourselves again.

But we can dot it! Believe me with the right willpower and ambitious goals (see 2 blog post which I wrote about this in 2015 – please read here part 1. please click here for part 2.) we are more likely to “Get healthy” in 2017. It is worth it!

For great healthy recipes, a further article about New Year’s resolutions by Kathy Ashton, a great meal plan and tips what to have in a healthy pantry please check out our January Issue.

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…. and here are my top 3 tips “How to use your willpower more wisely” (source: Roy f. Baumeister and John Tierney’s book “WILLPOWER”).

Top 3 tips to use your willpower more wisely

  1. Do not swear off something all-together  – So never say never. Because for most people it is too hard and they give in and say: “What the ….!” and eat much more. Instead eat a lot from the good stuff (fruit and vegetables) and do only the good stuff (a walk after dinner for example) so you don’t want or have time for things which are not health promoting. 
  2. Say Later rather than Never – It takes willpower to say no to a dessert, but apparently it is less stressful on the mind to say later. You will consume less and you have something to look forward to it, so it gives you time to anticipate. Say I have it later, but just don’t tonight (now). 
  3. Develop effective habits and routines to have less stress in live. ave a good morning routine so everything is easier and you don’t’ need willpower, have fix days for sport etc. Also stay away from all you can eat buffets or places with junk food. Even if you start strong you need so much willpower to not give in.


… more tips on willpower are coming soon – watch this space!

Do you struggle to achieve New Year resolutions? Is your willpower strong enough?

Please share your story or challenge with me and send an e-mail: andrea@thermieliving.com

I love to help and support you.

To your well-being

Andrea xx



“2017 New Year’s Resolutions: The Most Popular and How to Stick to Them,” by Nicole Spector.