10 Things to take when travelling healthy with Thermie


I recently drove with one of my girls from Melbourne to Sydney to join my husband at his business trip. I wanted a couple of days enjoying a “sea change” and quality time with Fraenzi. We booked an Air B&B apartment in Sydney, so I thought let’s take Thermie. Travelling with the Thermomix is actually very easy (especially with the car) and it saves so much money if you don’t have to go to the restaurants all the time. But what are the things you really should take with you when your focus is healthy eating?

Here are my top 10 things I love to take with me:

  1. Lemons – for my warm water and lemon morning drink,
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar – also good to add to water, but perfect for salad dressings
  3. Himalayan Salt + Pepper (your favourite spices)
  4. Stock paste or other healthy stock (great in so many dishes)
  5. Tahini – for dips, in dressings or just to drizzle on top of steamed vegetables
  6. Tamari or/and coconut aminos – great flavours for any kind of cooking
  7. Coconut oil, olive oil – for sautéing, salads etc.
  8. CADA ingredients (shredded coconut, almonds (activated if possible), medjool dates and apples) – healthy and easy breakfast
  9. Basics for a quick Thermie dinner like risotto rice, pasta (maybe gluten free), pasta sauce,
  10. The following tins: Chickpeas, coconut milk or cream, tomatoes


These staples make cooking on a holiday easier & healthier for me.  I only need to by some fresh vegetables, fruit and maybe protein.

Please let me know what your favourite staples are and you can’t live without.


Please comment below 🙂


Happy Thermie living, cooking & travelling


Andrea xx